Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Deer Season, Dear

Today is the first day of deer season (in Iowa at least), much to the excitement of my honey. In honor of the 'holiday' I found some of my favorite deer related items on Etsy. Cute, no?

Fawn and Lace Pillow, by TrackandFieldDesigns $42
I love the lace accent!

Forest Hearts Print, by artandghosts $13
Deer Love! These colors are so fantastic and cheery!

Golden Buck Good Luck Pendant, by BillerCreations $5
To give good luck to the hunter in your life! I'm thinking it would make a neat keychain charm.

Deer Journal - Eco Friendly, by disconsolator $19
I think this is just adorable, I would love to have it in my book bag or on my office desk!

Set of 10 Dear Friend Cards, by farouche $10
I swoon for cute stationary, and these would be so fun to send to a friend!

Fawn Print, by clearcreekart $23
So cute for a nursery or a garden room.

The Gathering Print of Original Painting, by Daydreamers $16
I love the bright colors and textures of this work!

Good luck honey! Get a big ol' buck so that we can decorate with it! ;) Wishing a safe hunting season to everyone!


trishiekoh said...

How cute! I love the cushion a lot!

just letting you know, you've been tagged!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Great post! The deer is an underdog animal.

Claire said...

These are cute! Happy first day of deer season =)

Kristin said...

I'm really digging that painting!