Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Hung Up On You

Hanger Tea by Soon Mo Kang, via Elephantine

These tea-shirts are a perfect fit for my mug! The top hook can twist to hang on the side of your favorite teacup, and the hangers are color coded for different varieties of tea. Maybe not for the tea-connoisseur who just has to have a loose-leaf, perfectly brewed beverage, but I think they're adorable! Now I need to work in an office building so that I can show them off around the coffee maker.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Talk to the Hand, But It Might Roar Back

Animal Hands, by Hector Serrano, at Perpetual Kid $5.99 for set of 8

Shadow puppets are fun, but these are fun on steroids. Tattoos that are applied with water, these animals bring a new level of puppetry awesomeness. There are eight different animals in each set, including a shark, bee, tiger, alligator, and eagle. Serrano also has a set of monster hands featuring creepies such as a lizard creature and mummy. Let's give the toy a hand!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Put All Your Eggs in One Pod

foodpod, by fusionbrands, via DivineCaroline $15.00

Large enough to fit a dozen eggs or several heads of broccoli, these silicon pods make boiling, blanching and steaming a breeze. The lid snaps into four holes for easy lowering and raising out of the water, and a hook on the end allows you to attach it onto the edge of the pot for safe retrieval. While it may look like it's from another planet, it will feel right at home in your kitchen. 
PS Check out fusionbrand's silicon egg poacher too, another one on my wishlist!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sugar Cookie, Sugar?

Message-in-a-Cookie Cookie Cutters, by Williams-Sonoma, via elephantine, $19.99 for set of 3

These are undoubtedly the coolest cookie cutters I have ever seen. I love making cookies for people, and these guarantee that I can give the perfect personalized treat for every occasion. Common greetings such as Happy, Birthday, and Holidays, as well as individual letters, are placed in rails inside the cutter. With a gentle push of the plunger, your message is imprinted onto your cookie. The best part? They come with a mesh dishwasher-safe bag for easy clean up. Unfortunately, they're out of stock online, but I managed to grab a set before that happened. I just have to wait until June to get them. I think that day will be better than Christmas.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Arcade Aesthetic

The Puckman Bookcase, by Mirko Ginepro Design, via Unplggd 

There is no doubt about the inspiration behind this delightfully dweeby shelving unit, our arcade friend, Pac-man. Wall mounted with room behind for cords to run to your favorite console, this functional art will be sure to be the talk of your next gaming get-together. Available in yellow, black, white, or can be custom colored. I'm thinking of a big red bow, to make it a Ms. Pac-man. PS. Note the iPod rug. Too cool.