Friday, October 2, 2009

Giveaway Winner, and, I've Been Tagged!

The winner of the Flower Pin Brooch Giveaway is....the lovely Kristin from BonBon Rose! Congrats!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I loved the response, and since I LOVE giving gifts I'm thinking I might need to have another giveaway soon! So stay tuned!

FABULOUS OWL TAGS, by PaperWicks, $7 for 100

Also, I was tagged for the first time EVER the other day by the adorable trishiekoh at Under Lock and Key! Here are 10 random things about me:

1. I count to ten anytime I fill up a water bottle or drink
from a drinking fountain. Somehow I can change the pace
of counting to always be right on, no matter the size of the bottle.
I think this is a remnant from lines at the fountain in grade school...

2. I am terrible at making decisions, especially in restaurants.
I once took 45 minutes to order sushi...

3. I enjoy doing homework. During the summer, I see others
doing homework for summer school and I get jealous.

4. Two years ago I was on Wheel of Fortune, and I won.

5. I went to grade school, middle school, high school, college,
and now grad school on the same two streets.

6. When I smell a dead animal I think of my Mom (sweet, huh?),
since she used to take us with her as kids when she did her
research on forensics and decomposition (pigs, not humans).

7. I am fairly conscious of the environment: I take the bus
when possible and I don't get sleeves or lids for my coffee.
Plus I hate it when I'm not able to recycle.

8. Someday I want to have horses.

9. I am terrified of blood: I faint when I cut myself,
especially if its on my hands.

10. If my honey's phone ever goes to voicemail, I like
to leave silly messages pretending to be someone else
(robot, travel agent) and I use a corresponding silly voice.

I now pass this tag on to: Jacey, Monica, and Gigi. Have fun girls!

PS. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Max, my rattie. He passed away last night on my lap while I was doing hw. I'm glad that he didn't have to be sick for very long. Thank you again for all of your thoughts, you all are so sweet. -Carolyn


Jessie Fincham said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, your so kind :)

Sher said...

Congrats to Kristin!

I love your random fact no 10! It's so adorable:)

So sorry to hear about Max....

Gigi said...

I've decided that you are just about the sweetest person ever. Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to try to dream up a list half as interesting as yours! I can't believe you were on W of F! That is so cool. Also amazing is the fact that you went to all your years of schooling on the same two streets.

Like you, I always enjoyed homework, too (well, most of it. I was very lazy about French. With a name like mine that's pretty bad!). Now I have to grade a lot of homework, and I don't enjoy that quite so much.

I am so sorry about Max's passing. I'm glad that he was with you at the end. You know, I wrote my last post thinking about someone who had died and whom I miss very much. I truly believe that last line I wrote: "from each ending a beginning will unfold."

Big hugs, Carolyn,

Couture Carrie said...

Sorry to hear about Max, darling :(

Really fun tag ~ how awesome that you stayed local for all your schooling!


Kristin said...

1. Thank you!!!! 2. I'm so sorry about your little guy. Hugs.

rachel said...

Loved reading more about you. That is so cool that you were on Wheel of Fortune and won!! I'm watching the clip right now.
And I'm sorry to hear about little Max :(

Sending you a hug...

Leslie said...

I've never been called by a robot :( but a little ducky does send me postcards sometimes!

trishiekoh said...

So cool that you were on wheel of fortune and even cooler that you won! AWESOME!!!